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2018 Windows version of PCBCAD51 PCB DESIGN SOFTWARE with 127 LAYER AUTOROUTER. Runs on Windows XP (SP3) , Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. This is a mature product with no bug list, if I find a bug it is fixed immediately. Support for this product is second to none, you are supported by the guy who wrote this software. Fully supported product sent by first class recorded post. Schematic and PCB symbol designer wizards. Auto creates SIL, DIL, circular and QUAD PCB footprints from your parameters. Schematic entry with auto convert schematic to PCB ratsnest, unconnected pin scanner and single ended net scanner. PCB entry with 127 layer rip up and retry auto-router with clearance and continuity check. Prints net names on tracks during editing. 360 degree rotations of pcb components with obround pads. Integrity checker, compares schematic and PCB for differences. Component locater. Parts list output. Schematic/PCB component auto-renumbering and re-annotation. RS274X Gerber file generator and NC/Excellon drill file generator. Pick and place file generator with fiducial option. 3D PCB viewer module. Output schematic to printer auto-sized.